Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tag: 10 Things I want to do this Summer!

It's Sunday and I'm here to do a tag :). TinyTea5 is one of my favourite youtubers and she just created this tag which is called "10 Things I want to do this summer". Here is her video :)

1. I want to decorate my bedroom! We have been speaking about decorating my room for ages and now I will finally have time to do it! I really want it to be all black, white and red! I'm really excited to see how it turns out!

2. I want to go to Landmark. Landmark in about an hour away from where I live and it has 3 waterslides, and lots of other exciting things! They recently built a rollercoaster there and I really want to go on it :)

3. I want to go to the beach! I love the beach and summer is the perfect time to go :)

4. I want to go to Aberdeen & Inverness to do lots of shopping :) I love shopping :)

5. I want to get a job :)

6. I kinda want to go camping and have fun :)

7. I want to focus more time on learning keyboard and less time on guitar :) I want to get better at it :)

8. I want to get 1000 views and get more subscribers here! I would love it if YOU would subscribe :) You can even do it with your facebook and twitter if you don't have a blog here :)

9. I want to go to the gym more :) I also haven't been swimming in ages  so I want to :)

10. The most important I want to spend time with my family :) My uncle in coming and I haven't seen him in 4/5 years so I'm excited :)

That's what I want to do, what do you want do? Tell me and link it in the comments :) Have a great and safe summer, Love you guys, Dani :) xo

Friday, 24 June 2011

My top 10 lip products!

Here is my favourite 10 lip products (mainly drugstore) of all time :) There are swatches too! Oh, and they're in NO particular order!

Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush:

Next up is my favourite lip balm! I love the softlips french vanilla! (it has SPF20 too)

Next is a tinted lip conditioner! I love the sleek pout polishes! My favourite has to be Pink Cadillac (947). These smell amazing too!

Next is my all time favourite lip stick! It's the NYC ultra last lipwear in Fragile Pink!

Next is a colourworks lipgloss! This doesn't have a name because it's from a bronze face kit! But it's a dark fushia pink with some gold and red reflects!

Next is a MUA (£1 line exclusive to Superdrug) lipstick in the shade 4! It's a really light, bubblegum pink!

Next is a rimmel london vinyl gloss in the shade 130 Take A Chance! It's a light pink with gold reflects!

Next is an AVON Twist & Glide Lip Gloss in Coral! Perfect for summer!

These next 2 are higher end! First is my Clinique Long Last glosswear in 10 Air kiss!

And finally! Benefit's Benetint! This is a lip (and cheek) stain! It's gorgeous! (and not a full sized bottle)

when you apply it

After blending
And there you have it! My top ten lip products! What's your's? Please comment and sunscribe :) Love Dani :) xo

Disclaimer: I purchased everything with my own money apart from the vinyl gloss from rimmel! This was a PR sample straight from the website! I did not get this to blog about it was simply a PR competition they held on they're website! 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wimbledon 2011 has arrived! Time for strawberries & icecream! Recipe!

So Wimbledone 2011 is here already which means it is time for strawberries and (ice)cream! This is what I do :)

First you need strawberries! These were from Marks & Spencers :) Wash them in a collinder and put them back in the original pack!

Next up cut the tops off the strawberries and then cut them in half (optional)

 Now get icecream! I have cookies & cream and vanilla! Use whatever icecream you like!

 This bit is optional! You can take whatever kind of chocolate and melt it! Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and mix, repeat until melted!

Put in a bowl and serve! 

Enjoy! And good luck to Andy Murray! Bring it home for Scotland!

Enjoy this simple recipe and wimbledone :) Comment and subscribe pretty please? Love Dani xox

Monday, 20 June 2011

Spin-Off's, yay or nay?

Hey there :) It's been a while! But I'm back!

Doe's anyone else just feel like out TV screens are just clogged up of spin-off's of other shows? I'm starting to feel like that I must admit! I'm a self confessed TV addict, I'm not going to lie! But honestly, there's 16&Pregnant and it's spin-off Teen Mom. There's Miami Ink and it's spin-off LA Ink. There's The Only Way Is Essex and it's spin-off Made In Chelsea (I have a debate on them below somewhere :)). There are so many spin-off's floating around and today another one got released!

MTV started a show in 2009 called Jersey Shore. This is definately a controversial reality show but it does shuck people in! This show has been run for 3 seires already, and there is set to be 2 more. But now in the UK there is Geordie Shore. I personally do love it however with 5 seires of the original do we need a UK version! I think it is a really funny show, and yes I'm obsessed, but do we need so many spin-off's? And today another UK spin-off of that American show has been named, Mersey Shore. As far as I'm aware Mersey is in Manchester, but I'm Scottish - don't take my word on it ahaa.

Do you like spin-off's? Do you like the shore programmes? Will you be tuning into Mersey Shore? Let me know below - I ♥ reading your comments! Also follow me on twitter for an instant connection

Thanks Dani xo! :)

(A quick side note! I have just started 5th year and I didn't expect to be so rushed off my feet with school work, that is my reason for not sticking to my routine! In 2 weeks the Summer begins; it doesn't feel like it yet though :/! But as soon as that comes around I will be back to the routine! I would love for you's to subscribe and follow my twitter! Thanks, and sorry for being MIA. Love You Guys too bits!)