Monday, 20 June 2011

Spin-Off's, yay or nay?

Hey there :) It's been a while! But I'm back!

Doe's anyone else just feel like out TV screens are just clogged up of spin-off's of other shows? I'm starting to feel like that I must admit! I'm a self confessed TV addict, I'm not going to lie! But honestly, there's 16&Pregnant and it's spin-off Teen Mom. There's Miami Ink and it's spin-off LA Ink. There's The Only Way Is Essex and it's spin-off Made In Chelsea (I have a debate on them below somewhere :)). There are so many spin-off's floating around and today another one got released!

MTV started a show in 2009 called Jersey Shore. This is definately a controversial reality show but it does shuck people in! This show has been run for 3 seires already, and there is set to be 2 more. But now in the UK there is Geordie Shore. I personally do love it however with 5 seires of the original do we need a UK version! I think it is a really funny show, and yes I'm obsessed, but do we need so many spin-off's? And today another UK spin-off of that American show has been named, Mersey Shore. As far as I'm aware Mersey is in Manchester, but I'm Scottish - don't take my word on it ahaa.

Do you like spin-off's? Do you like the shore programmes? Will you be tuning into Mersey Shore? Let me know below - I ♥ reading your comments! Also follow me on twitter for an instant connection

Thanks Dani xo! :)

(A quick side note! I have just started 5th year and I didn't expect to be so rushed off my feet with school work, that is my reason for not sticking to my routine! In 2 weeks the Summer begins; it doesn't feel like it yet though :/! But as soon as that comes around I will be back to the routine! I would love for you's to subscribe and follow my twitter! Thanks, and sorry for being MIA. Love You Guys too bits!)

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  1. Although I love these shows aswell I think they are just making money from one successful show! It's time they get creative! Good Post though!