Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter, Little Update & QOTD all in one little bundle :)

A quick message to say I hope you guys have had an amazing Easter (if you celebrate). It's been chocolate galore today, I received two Malterser eggs, a milky bar cow and a rabbit shaped chocolate treat :). I have digged into any yet. Going to wait for new episodes of "The Only Way Is Essex" and the season premiere of "Khloe and Lamar" which is TONIGHT!!! I really do love reality TV incase you haven't noticed.

Have to make it aware that I would be the best blogger in the next few weeks. Study leave starts this Friday, can't believe I'm doing my exams already! My first exam is the 4th of May for Maths! I have a lot of study days off coming up, but I think I'm going to be to stressed out to enjoy them! I also have my English exam on the day of my brothers fiancĂ©es 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Vicky for the 6th!

Found out recently my uncle (who lives in England) is coming up the week I get my results! I hope I do really well so I have good news to share! Hmm... what else has been happening in the wonderful world of Danielle Allan? I went to see scre4m with Abbie and Lee. Lewis couldn't make it in the end unfortunetly! Abbie was really scared by it and I couldn't resist texting her the catchprase from the movie "what's your favourite scary movie?" I didn't realise how freaked out she was until I learned she didn't stay in that night, she went in the car with her mum. Needless to say I felt really bad so sorry Abbie :). (Catch her on twitter at

Does anyone remember the incredibly cheesy TV show from years ago called "Britannia High"? I was remembering it the other day and decided I wanted to see it again! I ended up purchasing the box set for £3.44 from AMAZON! I was pretty impressed, and I forgot how good it was! 

Anyway the Quote Of The Day for Easter is:

                       "Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness." -Floyd W. Tomkins

Have a great week everybody, will you tuning into the Royal Wedding? Leave me a comment! 

Thanks, Dani xo

Friday, 22 April 2011

Feathers, Spring Trends 2011

So I hear the new spring trend is feathers. Everybody is wearing them (especially on American Idol lol) from Steven Tyler to Vanessa Hudgens to Lauren Alaina and now ME! Some people are wearing earrings and some are wearing them in their hair. They come in all shape, sizes and colours. Some can make an outfit stand out and some blend into the silky, sleek, chic trend of Spring 2011.

Angelina Jolie 

Miley Cyrus

Vanessa Hudgens

Steven Tylers

I was in town today and popped in by dorothy perkins. I saw the reduced isle had some feather earrings. They were the same colour as my outfit and I fell in love. They are a beige/pink colour  and were reduced from £8.50 to ££4.25 to £3! I had to have them! I decided to "model" them for you below :)

Here is the link for these earrings:{1}~[cream]^category~[212425|208724]&noOfRefinements=2

Thanks, Dani xo

Quote of the day. 22/4/11

"Everybody dies, but not everybody lives"

Scre4m! (WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

Hey there :). So I just got back from seeing Scre4m! Gonna try review it below but It's my first time trying :L.

"Scre4m" or "Scream 4" was unsurprisingly NOT scary. I actually found it rather funny. It starts of with a run down of a series called "Stab" which the movie is based around. There is a whole new cast in this movie including Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts. There is also some cameos from people like "Pretty Little Liars" Lucy Hale. Scream has definately had a face life with the cast namedropping Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and there is constant use of iPhone apps. The basic story is the a group of american teenage girls are living the newest instalment of the movie. One of the girls is the cousin of the original cast mate. There is a question through out the whole movie "who's the one in the mask?" it turns out to be the girl with the reletive. There is a lot death and blood through out the movie. 

Not much more happened in the movie. I WON'T be buying this on dvd, nothing really happened. 

Thanks, Dani xo

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Quote of the day. 21/4/11

"It's hard  to answer the question "what's wrong?" when nothing's right"

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A little catch up :)

Lives good at the moment :). School starts again on Monday but I'm hardly there this term! I am in 1 week then only a half week because I start study leave! Then it's into the exam diet. I have 21 exams for 8 subjects! It has been the holidays so I've been watching a lot of TV,

My favourite TV shows at the moment have to be:

  • Kerry Katona: The next chapter
  • A league of their own 3
  • 16&Pregnant 
  • Celebrity Juice
  • American Idol
Yes, I do like reality TV Alot. In 2 weeks their are alot of shows starting that I'm excited about:

  • Peter Andre: The next chapter
  • Teen Mom 2
  • Britians got Talent (STARTS TONIGHT!!!)
  • Sing if you can 
The charts have been hot recently. Must 3 most played tracks have to be:
  • Someone like you (Adele)
  • Price Tag (Jessie J and B.O.B.)
  • Lose Yourself (Eminiem)
I just got my mobile phone back yesterday! It was away getting fixed and ended up taking 23 days! In the end I just got a refurbished phone of the same model, so no complaints. I have the HTC Tattoo which I love for one reason, it's an android phone. I sent a random post yesterday testing out the Blogger app, so expect some random post when I have spare time out and about. I may even post a bit whilst I have time between exams! I'm sure I'll be a little stressed.

I didn't make this blog for any particular reason. I just want to share my life a little bit more than i do on twitter. My twitter is you should totally follow me there, I do tweet alot, even if it doesn't exactly make sense. I've had tremendous support so far and would love if you took 1 second of your time to click the follow button to you right. I've reached 100 views, how long until I reach 100 followers. I'm sure it'll take a while but I'm not going anywhere :)

Thanks, Dani xo

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

Hey guys. Just testing if I upload from my phone :)
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How to: Make colourful cakes :)

Hey guys. Today I decided to make colourful cakes :). Here is how I did it!

You need:

Most of the ingredients needed
For cakes:
100g (4oz) Self-raising flour
100g (4oz) Caster sugar
100g (4oz) Soft butter
2 Medium eggs
Food colouring

Fondant icing sugar
Peppermint flavouring (optional)

I started by mixing the sugar, self-raising flour, butter and eggs in a bowl with an electric mixer. I had to add a little milk because the mixture was stickier than I wanted. I separated the mixture into 3 bowls. This is because I was using 3 colours. Yellow, red and I made orange. 

I then added the colourings. I added yellow, red and mixed some orange. Mix with a metal spoon. Try not get it on your hands, it stains.

I put 12 paper cases into a tray and added the mixture. I baked for 20 mins. I made 3 yellow, 3 orange, 3 red and 3 a mix. I added a spoon of each and swirled with a cocktail stick.

To mix the icing, put some sugar in a bowl and drop by drop add water until you get the consistency wanted. At this point you can add colouring or flavouring. I added peppermint flavouring. When the cakes are cool add ice the top of them.

Add sprinkles if you wish :) and EAT!!!!

Thanks, Dani xo

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Identity debate... sort of.

Hey guys. So some people may know I love watching Youtube videos, especially one's by the "beauty guru's". I like to support as many of them as I can and I do have some favourites. I love to support them in many ways and one way is by subscribing to there blogs. I was just signing up for Elle (allthatglitters21) & Blair fowler (juicystar07) website/blog and was filling in my details. There is one bit where you had to put in what country you lived in. I live in Scotland which is in Great Britain/United Kingdom so I searched down the list for where I lived. I came to the United Kingdom and clicked on it as my choice, however at the side an English flag appeared. I personally like England and love speaking to people who live down there. I also have some family which live in England, however not everybody who lives in the United Kingdom is English and therefore I believe they should have used the British flag. I decided to search the list for Great Britain and when I found it I clicked on it. At the side a British flag appeared. Does this mean to Americans, which Elle and Blair are, everyone from the UK is English?

Tell me what you think about this? Do you live in England and prefer the English flag to be shown as the UK choice? Do you live in Scotland and get annoyed that you are perceived as English? Do you not mind what flag they use? Or are you just sitting on the fence? Let me know :)

Thanks, Dani xo :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Something that really annoys me... BirchBox

Don't you just find it so annoying when you find something exciting that you really want to try but they don't sell it in your country? I do. Something I've came across recently, birch box. This post is really only for the make-up lovers so sorry guys! I was watching a youtube video the other day and came across birch boxes. These are boxes which you subscribe for, for only $10 a month. Within the box you receive 4-5 deluxe samples of high-end make-up and beauty products. The high-end names include Nars, Benefit and even Stila. They come packaged in the cute box shown below.

When you receive your deluxe size samples you can try them out and rate them on the birch box website. Every survey you fill out you can get 10 points. For every 100 points you receive $10. This $10 can go towards your favourite product your received that month. This idea would be great for me as I do completely over spend on make-up. There is also a version of this company for Canadians. This is called Loose Button. It works in exactly the same way.

I live in the UK and would completely love this idea. From youtube and other blogs I have read other people would as well. Tell me what you think below :)

Thanks, Dani xo

Learn how to play guitar on my youtube :)

Hey guys :)

A quick post to say I have little random videos showing you how to play guitar chords and basic guitar on my youtube. These are just little picture videos with some subtitles. Please check them out and subscribe for some random videos :)

Thanks, Dani xo

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A controversial TV show

The logo for the show

The Only Way Is Essex is a Reality TV show which has sparked the views of the British Nation. The television show follows a group of people from Essex through there day to day life in modified situations. This means the cast members are placed into situations and are told to speak about what is really happening, this is extremely similar to the US television show "The Hills". The camera follows the lives of a few young adults who are all about glamour and fake tan. 

Some people say the show is worthless as the people are stupid and orange and would prefer something more factual on there box. Some people love the fact that the people can take the mick out of there selves. 

Personally I love the show and find it hilarious. I will always follow the show. Catch it at 10pm on Sunday's and Wednesday's on ITV2 and tell me your opinions. 

Thanks, Dani xo

Hello There :)

Hey there, welcome to my blog! I'm going to be a little random on here. I will be reviewing all sorts, movies, make-up, songs and so on! Sometimes I'll just give you updates and let you know whats happening. Life is a little crazy right now, exams are incredibly soon! I can't believe it and I've hardly even started revising yet!

Anyway please follow and check out my twitter @DaniAxo

Thanks, Dani xo