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Better late than never: June 2012 Beauty Favourites

'Ello 'ello

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I do apologize, it's been a while, and these favourites are a tinsy bit late. But I say better late than never, right ;)? Without further a do, here's what's been floating my boat throughout the month of June! None of these will be in depth, if you would like to see a detailed review of anything drop me a comment :).

Face Makeup

I've been lazy with my makeup recently. June brought with it the beginning of my Summer break and I just haven't wanted to coat my face in makeup so here is all I've been wearing.

1) Bourjois Paris Mineral Radience Pressed Powder (02 Vanille). I love this. It mattify's my face yet lets my natural radience shine through. I don't know how it does that because you would think you couldn't have a glowing yet matte face yet this allows for that. It also adds a great deal of coverage easily as you don't get a great deal with the next favourite!

2) Maybelline New York Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream (light). I'm going to say nothing about this as I am about to write a full review of this. Check back soon :)

3) Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder (52). This is great, blends well, great contour shade. I've enjoyed bronzing up my skin with this

4) Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-on. I haven't wanted to put a heavy concealer under my eyes so this is great. Also the metal ball feels great. Really helps make me looks awake!


1) Maybelline New York Color Tattoo (On and on bronze). So quick to put on, stays on all day, and makes your face look "put together". What else can you ask for?

2) Maybelline New York Falsies (Flared). This mascara is great. I tried the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Show-off mascara this month but it just didn't compare

3) Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Liner. I didn't notice until now, the only eye-makeup I'm using recently is Maybelline, they definitely are good! This is super black and lasts all day. Very comparable to the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner however so much more affordable.


I haven't wanted to spend much time doing my eye makeup this month however, it's summer and I want a pop of colour on my face. So I have been using my lips to do that.

1) MUA (shade 16: Nectar). I've always wanted to try an orange lipstick. I always see youtuber Zoella280390 wearing and orange lip. I've loved it this month. Brightens your face easily.

2) Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Stain (Shy Red). I love this. It stays almost all day. Isn't too red, so I'm not scared to wear this everyday. It doesn't sit into the cracks on my lips. Worn this often.

3) Sleek makeup pout polish (Pink Cadillac). I've worn this on the rare sunny days we've had here in Scotland. It has SPF 15 to protect your lips. It's feels great and the colour is incredibly opaque on the lips


1) Models Own with Hedkandi (Beach Party). I bought this month and haven't taking it off. It's so bright and opaque. It's been my way of inserting neon into my look. It looks amazing. Check my instagram (DaniAxo) for swatches.


I recently dip dyed my hair. Therefore the ends are a little damaged meaning I do not want to straighten my hair too much as it can cause many split ends. So I have been embracing my natural curls

1) Trevor Sorbe Beautiful Curls Beach Waves. I spray this in my curls. Scrunch my hair and then I'm ready to go!

2) Tangle Teezer. This is the most amazing hair brush I've ever used. It detangles my hair and has helped my hair grow as it treats it so well. Simply love it.


1) Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Body Spray. I love this. It's incredibly cheap and smells great. It smells like a sweety form of this fruits. So nice and not over powering at all.

2) Dove Summer Glow. I do not tan in the slightest and I also don't like to fake tan too often so this is perfect. I apply it just like any other moisturiser and after 4-5 days I have more colour and glow to my skin :)

3) Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream. I was lucky enough to receive a generous sample of this product. I'm 16 years old and have never dreamed of using an eye-cream previously. However this is great. A thin consistency. It's soothes my eyes before bed (I have horrendous hay fever and my eyes sting by about 4pm) and it also brightens my eye area, and has definitely reduced my dark circles

 Hope you enjoyed. Love you guys 

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