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The Olympics Tag

Heeeeyyyy Diamonds :)

So I was just catching up on all the videos in my Youtube Subscription box and came along Allison (Amarixe  or AllisonVlogs)'s Olympics Tag, which she created.

I'm really excited for the Olympics. They are being held here, in the UK, which is so exciting. Also it's an opportunity to see the world together. So many different nationalities and flags will be under one roof!

So without further a do... here we go :)

1.) Which season of the Olympics do you prefer, Summer or Winter?
I love both however I would say I like more of the Summer events than the Winter. 

2.) What are your favorite Summer Olympics events? Winter Olympics events?
In Summer I like the: Gymnastics (Artistic & Trampoline), Taekwondo, Boxing & Diving.
In Winter I like the: Figure Skating and the Bob-sleighing!

3.) If you were an Olympic athlete, which event would you want to compete in and why?
I would probably do Taekwondo, Figure Skating or Archery because these are sports I have taking part in previously. I did both Taekwondo and Figure Skating for many years and I did archery for the last two years! 

I would love to do the Diving though! It looks seriously fun, adrenalin filled - and I'm a rather big Tom Daley fan :)

4.) Is your country known to excel in any Olympic events?
I would say Team GB is pretty well known for their strength in Athletics, Rowing/Sailing & Cycling (especially Chris Hoy :O). Tom Daley is also looking well to succeed in the Diving this year!

5.) What is your most memorable Olympic moment?
I'm going to say a moment I wasn't even born for. Torvil & Dean's Bolero. I have watched the video footage of that many times. The fact they took so many risks and broke so many rules to preform a piece so passionate, yet elegant amazes me! 

I love watching Dancing On Ice every year. They are simply amazing. 
6.) What are you most excited about for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games?
I'm really excited for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies because they are in the UK! I am also excited for the sports listed in Q1! Finally I'm excited for the atmosphere the UK will have, we generally get behind World events like this is such a positive way it's all very exciting!

Thank you for reading this. I had a lot of fun answering the Questions :) 
Please leave links to your Tags in the Comments, I would love to read them.

Until next time :)
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