Friday, 8 June 2012

MakeUp Academy (MUA) Review/Collection so far...

Welcome Back :)

In my last post I mentioned an MUA nail polish as of my top 5 nail polishes for Summer and I had nothing but great things to say about the brand... that inspired this post. I thought I would do a review the products I have so far accumulated from the company! Everything in their normal line is £1. Yes you heard right... £1. Bargain eh? They have recently expanded into a professional line, but the prices of that are still exceptional! In my local superdrug we cannot purchase the professional line, sadly, however I do love the brand I may order from them online. So lets get into the review :).


1. Shade 4
Shade 4 was my first MUA purchase around Summer last year and soon enough became one of my all time favourite lip products! It is a perfect bubblegum pink colour which is soft, creamy and hydrating. I do find myself having to re-apply it after a few hours, but for £1 that's acceptable. One of my most favourite features of the MUA lipsticks is the packaging. They are a sleek black tube, with silver detailing but the stand out thing is having the colour of the products at the bottom of the tube. Makes it great for storing and brings ease when finding that days desired shade. 
Sorry for the horrid picture. I practically wore it everyday last summer 

2. Shade 13

Shade 13 is the perfect red. It is that simple, chic, elegant rose fuelled colour. It's pigmentation is tremendous. Applied is a stroking motion to this lips it gives that vampy look that the red carpet is filled with this season. However applied in a dabbing motion it's incredible wearable! The not so great side is that it one, smudges and two, is a fairly dry formula. However with a good lipbalm and a liplock (like lipcote) or a simple gloss it will last hours on end. This is great for beginners in the red lip... especially at £1 a pop. The packaging is the same as before.

3. Bare - Shade 14

So recently I got rather excited when MUA began naming their products. I saw this one and decided to purchase it, even though I'm not the biggest fan of a nude lip. Or should I say I wasn't the biggest fan. This colour completely converted me. It's amazing. It doesnt give that 'concealed' look which put me off the nude lip in the first place. It gives a really nice, toffee nude colour. I did think this would be a drying formula as many nudes are but it's surprisingly moisturising. I can honestly say I cannot live without this lipstick, well done MUA!


1. Shade 17 - Matt

You may or may not know I'm not the greatest fan of shimmery eyeshadows. Actually I don't like glitter on my face, period. But on the highstreet it's fairly hard to find matte eyeshadows, therefore MUA's matt range is perfect (don't worry they do have pearl shades for all you shimmer lovers :)). Shade 17 is the perfect colour for everyday use. It's a skin coloured shade. It makes the eyelids look perfect. (no swatch as so similar to my skin colour however on the lid you can tell your wearing something - promise :D)

2. Shade 19 - Matt

Shade 19 is yet again another great matte shade. It's the perfect brown to create a lovely smoky eye. However used with a fluffy brush and applied lightly to the crease it creates the perfect defined neutral eye with the above shade. That's my EVERYDAY look! I cannot believe the pigmentation in this eyeshadow, it's simple incredible. Have a look for yourself :) Also, these shadows last all day on me, no primer or anything and still do not crease :) Brilliant!

Liquid Eyeliner

I only have one of these. I have Shade 4 which is a lovely blue colour. It's incredibly shimmery but still extremely wearable. It's really easy to apply, something I was worried about. With a black eyeliner on the tight line and this on lash line it's an excellent everyday wear, especially for my blue eyes!
Sorry for my terrible Blackberry photos

Nail Varnish

This is the last item, I'm sorry about the exteme length of this blog. The nail varnish I have is shade 8. A red. To get a review and photo's of that look at my prior blog post, "Summer Nails: My Top 5 Picks". 

That is it for my MUA review/collection. I'm absolutely in love with this brand and cannot wait to expand my collection in it. I really want to try the pro range, I do wish my local Superdrug stocked it :(

Thanks for reading :)

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Disclaimer - I'm in no way affiliated by MUA. I have purchased everything myself. All opinions are my own!!!


  1. I also have the lipstick in shade 13,I have ordered some staff and I got as a gift ( from the jubilee)the shade 14 one and those eyeshadows and eyeliner are so in my basket next time I order mua products!
    Nice haul!:)

  2. I love MUA! Can't believe how cheap the brand is yet the quality is amazing :)

  3. Yes!It's unbelievable!The lipsticks last for hours!:)