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Summer nails: My top 5 picks

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You may know I am never seen without my nails painted and as it's now Summer I have began to infuse colour into my everyday choices. I decided to tell you guys my top 5 picks for this summer season. Hope you enjoy :). I have a range of prices and brands so I hope you find something you like.

L-R: Jermyn Street, Basil Street, Viva Pink, 320 (Gold), Shade 8

L-R: Viva Pink, 320 (Gold), Basil Street, Jermyn Street, Shade 8
These are in order of price (Highest - Lowest) from now on, not in preference. I like them all.

1. Nails Inc. - Jermyn Street

Nails inc. polishes are amazing! They have great pigmentation, last on the nail a long time (a good 7 days with a top coat) and you don't need to pile on the layers. Perfect in my eyes. The only downfall is the hefty price tag at £11.00 per bottle. But in this case I believe it's worth it! I recently had natural overlays applied to my nails (acrylic without the tips). I painted this polish over them and it lasted a whole 2 weeks before getting the first chip. Pretty significant for a guitar player! Jermyn Street is the perfect plum toned browny neutral (I need to work on these colour descriptions... I know, I know) colour which complements many skin tones!

2. Nails inc. - Basil Street

Yet another Nails Inc. polish, shows just how amazing they are. This colour the perfect nude. It's not too pinks, not too beige. On a pale skin tone like my own it works a treat. If your have a darker complexion or are lucky enough to have a tan (won't get much of that here in Scotland) this will look simply amazing on toe nails. Will make your feet look like they have been well looked after... almost effortlessly (now doesn't that sound like a dream?)

3. AVON - Viva Pink

This is by far the brightest and most colourful polish of the 5 I picked. It screams out Summer. The bright pink is a lovely shimmer free formula which applies nicely (the shape of the brush really helps). There is a down point to this and this is the chipping. However, with a top coat (my favourite is Sally Hansen Mega Shine) it can last a good 4 days. I have recently dip dyed my hair a rather bright pink so this colour has been on my nails more of recent! It's more affordable at £6 per bottle.

4. Barry M (Nail Effects) - 320 Foil Effects (Gold)

Barry M is most definately one of my most favourite brands of nail polish. There is consistency is perfect. The polish actually ages well, it doesn't become gloopy and unusable. The foil effects are brilliant. With a good coating you really only need one layer of this and I don't even use a top coat. It lasts around 6 days, excellent! I have the gold one NP320 which retails at a terrific £3.99 (£1 dearer than the normal polishes) which is great. The bottles are a great design for storing in your nail polish collection!

5. MUA - Shade 8

MUA - Make Up Academy - has been an outstanding new brand in the UK. It started off being a brand which retailed everything at £1 per item. You would think at £1 the payoff of colour would be bad but it is shockingly amazing (not only of this nail polish but the lipsticks and eyeshadows also). Shade 8 - when I picked this up they did not have names but I do believe newer products are named :) - is a perfect all year round colour. Perfect for summer as it's fairly bright and makes your nails stand out. Falling into the red colour family it also works super in Autumn (or for you Americas Fall!) and Winter. It does chip after 3-4 days but with a top coat it is definately worth the quid. 
WARNING: Swatch on Website is NOT true to colour:

So what are your favourite nail polishes to wear now that Summer has came? Have you tried any of the above? Also, Essie nail polishes have recently came to the UK. Have you tried Essie? Do you recommend the brand - please let me know.

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Disclaimer - I purchased all the above with my own pennies :). All opinions are my own and I am not affiliated with any companies... simply letting you know what I think

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