Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tag: 20 facts about me

Hi :)

So I was checking out the "Trending Topics" on Twitter just a while ago and seen the hashtag #20factsaboutme floating around. I thought to myself that would be a great way for my blogging friends to get to know me more, since I am quite new to this! so here we go

1. My full name is Danielle Allan :)
2. I'm 16 years old (soon to be 17 :D) 
3. I have just left school after completing my highers 
4. I live in the North-East of Scotland... yes the weather is miserable here :(
5. I taught myself guitar a number of years ago, I'm not that amaze but... :)
6. I currently have bright pink, dip dyed hair
7. I used to figure skate and do the martial art Taekwondo - both in which I have gold medals in
8. I have 7 Standard Grade, 2 Intermediate 2's and 4 higher qualifications :)
9. During my 3rd and 4th years of high school, one day a week I would go to college and study Beauty Therapy in which I passed :)
10. I have a gorgeous nephew named Tyler who was born just 2 day after Christmas last year!
11. My favourite band of all time is The Script
12. My favourite drug-store makeup brands are: Bourjois Paris (for face makeup) and Maybelline NewYork (for eye makeup)
13. I hate and the number 13... with a passion
14. I obsessed with almost any reality tv or soap you can think of, haha!
15. I have never seen Titanic in it's entirety 
16. One of my favourite blogs at the minute is Mariaheartsswag :) please check it out here!
17. I love watching Vlog videos on youtube, maybe it's my reality obsession, maybe I'm just nose-y :L
18. I love wearing bracelets
19. I am about to study Social Science for 4 years at my local university
20. I've just got Netflix and am currently loving rewatching all the old classics... tell me what you recommend I watch on Netflix :)

Please do this tag... I tag everyone :) haha! See you next time!

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  1. It's one more great tag!!I love your tags and I love you!Tagging me as your favourite blog is an honour and pleasure for me.I will do this tag too later!Thanks again!:)

    P.S.I love your blog too!!:)