Sunday, 3 June 2012

An update and the This or That Beauty Tag :)

Hello :) It's fair to say it's been a while. I do apologise. So what have I done in the last year? I did my 5th year of high school studying 4 highers (English, Maths, Chemistry & Modern Studies) and I did and Intermediate 2 in Media. In May I took the exams then I was done with high school. It's been 2 weeks already and it still seems weird to say I no longer go to high school. However, it is exciting that in September I will be starting my degree studying Social Science. Other things happened over the last year. My brother had a baby, therefore I am now an Auntie :). Tyler was born on the 27th December 2011 and he is adorable. Apart from that not much is happened. So I'm going to edge back into this blogging thing and start with a simple TAG. The beauty this or that tag! Enjoy :)

blush or bronzer: recently I found my love for bronzer :)
lip gloss or lipstick: lipgloss
eye liner or mascara: mascara :) I just love the look of good lashes
foundation or concealer: foundation, in particular the Healthy Mix
neutral or color eye shadow: definitely neutral 
pressed or loose eye shadows: pressed, I'm too clumsy for loose!
brushes or sponges: brushes!

nails:OPI or china glaze: China Glaze :)Long or short: ideally long, but I play guitar so short
Acrylic or natural: Natural
Brights or darks: darks
Flower or no flower: not a flower girl!

body:perfume or body splash: love a refreshing body spraylotion or body butter: butter all the way :)
body wash or soap: wash
lush or other bath company: Lush, I guess. Not the biggest fan though!

fashion:jeans or sweat pants: Jeans :)
long sleeve of short: Short
dresses or skirts: dresses, if either
stripes or plaid: plaid
flip flops or sandals: sandals :)
scarves or hats: scarves, I ♥ scarves!!!
studs or dangly earrings: dangly :)
necklaces or bracelets: bracelets, lots of them
heels or flats: flats
cowboy boots or riding boots: I really want a pair of cowboy boots
jacket or hoodie: hoodie. I hate wearing jackets!
forever 21 or charlotte russe: I don't get either in Scotland
abercombie or Hollister: hollister
saks 5th or nordstrom: Scotland, again...

hair:curly or straight: I have naturally curly hair, but straighten it!
bun or ponytail: ponytail :D
bobby pins or butterfly clips: bobby pins (or aka kirby's)
hair spray or gel: spray, but I don't wear it often, it's drying
long or short: long... I'm getting there :)
light or dark: dark 
side sweep bangs or full bangs: side sweep!
up or down: down

random:Rain or shine: shine... we don't get much of it though
Summer or winter: Summer
Fall or spring: Fall
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla 

Thank you for reading :) Sorry (once again) for my year off but I have once again found my love of this. I will see you again! In the mean time please follow (RHS). 

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