Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Identity debate... sort of.

Hey guys. So some people may know I love watching Youtube videos, especially one's by the "beauty guru's". I like to support as many of them as I can and I do have some favourites. I love to support them in many ways and one way is by subscribing to there blogs. I was just signing up for Elle (allthatglitters21) & Blair fowler (juicystar07) website/blog and was filling in my details. There is one bit where you had to put in what country you lived in. I live in Scotland which is in Great Britain/United Kingdom so I searched down the list for where I lived. I came to the United Kingdom and clicked on it as my choice, however at the side an English flag appeared. I personally like England and love speaking to people who live down there. I also have some family which live in England, however not everybody who lives in the United Kingdom is English and therefore I believe they should have used the British flag. I decided to search the list for Great Britain and when I found it I clicked on it. At the side a British flag appeared. Does this mean to Americans, which Elle and Blair are, everyone from the UK is English?

Tell me what you think about this? Do you live in England and prefer the English flag to be shown as the UK choice? Do you live in Scotland and get annoyed that you are perceived as English? Do you not mind what flag they use? Or are you just sitting on the fence? Let me know :)

Thanks, Dani xo :)

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