Saturday, 16 April 2011

A little catch up :)

Lives good at the moment :). School starts again on Monday but I'm hardly there this term! I am in 1 week then only a half week because I start study leave! Then it's into the exam diet. I have 21 exams for 8 subjects! It has been the holidays so I've been watching a lot of TV,

My favourite TV shows at the moment have to be:

  • Kerry Katona: The next chapter
  • A league of their own 3
  • 16&Pregnant 
  • Celebrity Juice
  • American Idol
Yes, I do like reality TV Alot. In 2 weeks their are alot of shows starting that I'm excited about:

  • Peter Andre: The next chapter
  • Teen Mom 2
  • Britians got Talent (STARTS TONIGHT!!!)
  • Sing if you can 
The charts have been hot recently. Must 3 most played tracks have to be:
  • Someone like you (Adele)
  • Price Tag (Jessie J and B.O.B.)
  • Lose Yourself (Eminiem)
I just got my mobile phone back yesterday! It was away getting fixed and ended up taking 23 days! In the end I just got a refurbished phone of the same model, so no complaints. I have the HTC Tattoo which I love for one reason, it's an android phone. I sent a random post yesterday testing out the Blogger app, so expect some random post when I have spare time out and about. I may even post a bit whilst I have time between exams! I'm sure I'll be a little stressed.

I didn't make this blog for any particular reason. I just want to share my life a little bit more than i do on twitter. My twitter is you should totally follow me there, I do tweet alot, even if it doesn't exactly make sense. I've had tremendous support so far and would love if you took 1 second of your time to click the follow button to you right. I've reached 100 views, how long until I reach 100 followers. I'm sure it'll take a while but I'm not going anywhere :)

Thanks, Dani xo

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