Monday, 11 April 2011

Something that really annoys me... BirchBox

Don't you just find it so annoying when you find something exciting that you really want to try but they don't sell it in your country? I do. Something I've came across recently, birch box. This post is really only for the make-up lovers so sorry guys! I was watching a youtube video the other day and came across birch boxes. These are boxes which you subscribe for, for only $10 a month. Within the box you receive 4-5 deluxe samples of high-end make-up and beauty products. The high-end names include Nars, Benefit and even Stila. They come packaged in the cute box shown below.

When you receive your deluxe size samples you can try them out and rate them on the birch box website. Every survey you fill out you can get 10 points. For every 100 points you receive $10. This $10 can go towards your favourite product your received that month. This idea would be great for me as I do completely over spend on make-up. There is also a version of this company for Canadians. This is called Loose Button. It works in exactly the same way.

I live in the UK and would completely love this idea. From youtube and other blogs I have read other people would as well. Tell me what you think below :)

Thanks, Dani xo

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