Sunday, 10 April 2011

A controversial TV show

The logo for the show

The Only Way Is Essex is a Reality TV show which has sparked the views of the British Nation. The television show follows a group of people from Essex through there day to day life in modified situations. This means the cast members are placed into situations and are told to speak about what is really happening, this is extremely similar to the US television show "The Hills". The camera follows the lives of a few young adults who are all about glamour and fake tan. 

Some people say the show is worthless as the people are stupid and orange and would prefer something more factual on there box. Some people love the fact that the people can take the mick out of there selves. 

Personally I love the show and find it hilarious. I will always follow the show. Catch it at 10pm on Sunday's and Wednesday's on ITV2 and tell me your opinions. 

Thanks, Dani xo

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