Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My First Official Exam... of 2011

So up here in Scotland the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) exams started yesterday, and for me my first exam was today... Maths!

In Scotland you do Standard Grades in 3rd and 4th year! These are categorised into Foundation, Int1, General, Int2 and Credit levels. However mainly just Foundation (Award 6 or 5), General (Award 4 or 3) and Credit (Award 2 or 1)... i.e 6 is the worst, 1 is the best!

In my prelims I got straight 2! Which I was happy about, one award mark away from a 1! So today I sat my maths... and some of it went well, some of it went miserably!

I started off at 10:40 with the general paper (non-calculator) this paper was soo easy, it was a walk in the park, or for me anyway! I then did the general paper (calculator) paper which once again was incredibly easy! The problems came in the Credit level!

In my school there is only one credit class, mine! It's the hardest level at Standard Grade. There is 2 sides to a standard grade paper, Knowledge&Understanding and Reasoning&Enquiry! I was revising soo much for the paper I found the KU really easy! I knew all my formulas, how to use them ect. However the Reasoning&Enquiry was so hard!

There was a question in the Calculator paper that nobody could do! It was Question 8 and a RE question. Nobody in my school could do it, which frustrated us all, haha.

Overall, I think today was a success! Think I did OK! But I won't know until August 4th!

Are any of you guys doing your exams at the moment? I would love to hear how they are going!

Thanks, Dani xo

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