Sunday, 1 May 2011


"Spark Youth Foundation set up to help young people. Whether it be eating disorders, self harm or just need somebody to talk to, we are a nonjudgemental service." - The bio from the twitter.

Spark youth foundation is an amazing idea. A young girl who's been through it all wants to help others in a situation she once was in. Spark Youth Foundation give teenagers a place to go to, to talk about their feelings. They have a twitter, facebook and a skype where you can always go to talk. It is truly inspirational. 

At the present moment you have a chance to be apart of the Campaign video being complied together. A lot of their followers are trying to help get as many followers as possible. One person she absolutely loves and would love the support of is Niall Horan of One Direction. Please help her along on this. 

If you have just a few minutes of your time please check out   I have followed since the first day the twitter was created and definitely don't regret it.

Lots of Love, Thanks, Dani xo

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