Monday, 2 May 2011

osama bin laden: my opinion

Let's get this clear before I start rambling off my opinion... I would NEVER wish death on ANYONE.

So on Twitter today everyone is speaking and arguing with each other over wether we should be happy or sad about his murder. Personally I can't really judge as I'm Scottish not American and their views are a lot stronger as he targeted their country. I think that he was happy he killed someone so why shouldn't we be happy he's dead? But also we slated his actions for so long should we really follow them? Would god really bless a hypocritical country who's goes against their believes, as many Americas follow Christ.

I'm not religious and don't live in America, someone commited a crime of murder and someone died. Someone is being called a hero and a murderer is dead. Think about that. Aren't the majority of views hypocritical?

I would once again never wish death on anyone and would never judge someone for their opinion but I will not sit and listen to someone expressing hypocritical views.

Leave a comment on what YOU think.

Thanks, Dani xo

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